Best Outdoor Chair Cushions


A patio garden is an unassuming yet appealing choice for homeowners to have with a small outdoor space. It is an essential part of the property and a perfect place to relax, connect with nature, and even bond with your loved ones. Enhancing the aesthetic appeal of this part of the house with the appropriate pieces of furniture will significantly improve the overall look and feel of your outdoor living space. If you have a veranda or a patio, no matter the size is, you can always make it as impressive as it can be that it will not only provide enjoyment for the whole family, but will also increase the value of the whole property. Simple modifications can alter the overall appearance of the outdoor space. Installing even small pieces of furniture like chairs with cushions can either make or break the intended modifications for the outdoor space. If you would like to create a space that will not only be functional, but will also make it easy for anyone who would like to spend time there to relax and unwind, may find the place truly comforting. And for the best outdoor chair cushions to use, it is best to have a better grasp of what should and should not be considered to ensure that you will have the right pieces set to create a more convenient and comfortable outdoor space.

Your patio can become a friendly neighborhood hangout. You may even hold an event and style up the area and make the space a venue for a wedding or a reception area. But if the seats are made with ratty cushions that are hard on the eyes and make it quite difficult for guests to stay seated for, chances are the event will be cut short once the guests start leaving one by one to head to a more comfortable seating.

Creating Comfortable Sitting Area with Outdoor Chair Cushions

You can easily extend the life and look of the pieces of furniture installed in your patio with outdoor chair cushions. Not only will it make lounging in the outdoor space more relaxing, it can also enhance the overall look of the piece of furniture and, in general, the overall appeal of the outdoor space.

Just imagine having to sit for an hour on a hardwood chair without any padding or cushion. You can’t force anyone to spend more time with you seating on an unpadded chair or on a worn chair cushion. So, if you plan to purchase a new set of seat cushions or even just replacement seat cushions for your patio furniture sets, make sure to do some research to have an idea on which fabric to use for the seat cushions, whether you plan to do it yourself or have it made by professional sewers.

Fabric to use for the Best Outdoor Cushions

The easiest way to modify the overall look and feel of an outdoor furniture set is to change the chair cushions. You can alter the design, color, as well as the texture using the most appropriate fabric.

Each type of fabric has its advantages and disadvantages. When choosing an appropriate fabric, consider the durability, as well as the kind of wear and tear that you may expect the piece of furniture will have to take, either from people frequenting the space, small animals or the natural elements (sun, wind, rain).

Cotton Duck Canvas

Cotton duck canvas is made with two yarns that are tightly woven together to form the plain weave. This fabric is quite durable and can stand up to excessive wear. Although this fabric is naturally nonporous, it will retain water or any liquid in the small pockets of space in the weave that will make the cushion heavier. The collected liquid may find its way into the stuffing of the cushion over time and cause mold or mildew problems. Considering this, it is best to make sure that the cushion is water-proof treated once a year. It should not be bleached and should not be used on outdoor pool furniture.

Vinyl PVC. Polyvinyl Chloride or vinyl or PVC is a plastic material

This is the least expensive fabric. Since it is easy to use and comes in multi-pattern options, it has become a fabric of choice for outdoor chair cushions for many. However, it cannot withstand heat and can get hot to the touch. It fades quite easily as well.


This is a mesh woven material made with strong polyester yarns that are individually coated with plastic or PVC. Textilene is a waterproof material, but it can also fade quite easily. To clean cushions made with this fabric, wash it with mild natural soap (no detergent) and water. Tough stains can be removed with a small amount of bleach. However, this will break down the PVC material and can make the cushion get damaged soon enough. This fabric makes the cushion durable and stable, which means it is just fine to have the chair by the poolside or get drenched once in a while.


This fabric is considered the top of the line material that can be used when making seat cushions. It is chemically treated during production, which makes it water repellent, rotting or soiling resistant, and won’t promote mildew growth. This cushion cover material makes it possible to have the patio furniture set up by the poolside. A sunny or rainy weather won’t damage this fabric any time soon.

Outdoor chair cushions may be found in hundreds of colors and patterns, and most of the materials above offer cushions from smooth through rough textures and from matte to shiny finishes. Flowers, stripes or solid designs are very common. A new accessory can upscale any room, including your backyard living pace. If enlarging an indoor room by extending it into the outdoor living space it is important to have a flow of color.


The best outdoor chair cushions are available in hundreds of colors and patterns, and may be made with one of the materials above. Select only those that will best suit your purpose. Upgrade your outdoor space with cushioned chairs with designs that blend well with the overall look of the outdoor space.