Who are we?
We are Malcolm and Vanessa Robertson, formerly owners of the award-winning Edinburgh Bookshop. We live in Edinburgh and have masses of experience of working with books as well as being passionate about reading and spreading the joy of reading.

What’s Glenogle & Bell all about?
After we sold the bookshop we missed bookselling and Glenogle & Bell is a way for us to return to that without the stresses of running an actual bricks-and-mortar bookshop.

Surely owning a bookshop wasn’t stressful? Didn’t you get to spend all day reading?
No. We read less when we owned the bookshop than at any other time. That’s why we’re so excited about Glenogle & Bell.

Why should I buy a book subscription package from you?
Because we really know our stuff and have a passion for finding fantastic books for our readers.

How do your book subscriptions work?
Browse through our book packages for the one that you think is most suitable and decide whether you want it to run for 3, 6 or 12 months, tell us a little about the person who’ll be receiving the books and then each month, for the duration of the subscription, we’ll send them a carefully chosen book.

What sort of books are included in the packages?
We have over a dozen packages which include crime fiction, history, classics, cookery and many others. There are five packages just for children. Click on the ‘shop’ tab at the top of this package and browse through them. If you have any questions just drop us an email.

Are they hardback or paperback books?
For some packages, such as children’s picture books and modern fiction there are specific hardback or paperback options. History and biography tend to be hardbacks. With the others, we aim to supply a mix of hardbacks and paperbacks but our criteria is based on choosing the best books.

Can I choose the books for you to send?
No. We choose the books based on the subscription package you’ve chosen and the information that you’ve given us about the reader’s tastes. With the first book we always send out a slip asking if there’s anything else they’d like us to bear in mind so that we can fine tune our selections.

I want to buy books for a child but don’t know how well they can read – can you help me?
Absolutely. We have years of experience in children’s bookselling and the way we’ve set up our children’s packages reflects our knowledge of reading development. Have a browse through the different options and see if the information there helps you to decide. If you have any questions do let us know. And of course, we can move children between packages as their reading develops and they get older.

How will the person I’m buying the subscription for know it’s from me?
When you subscribe you can opt whether to have a gift card sent to them by us or sent to you so that you can give it to them yourself. And we’ll include a message with their first book so that they’re not completely baffled!

Can I subscribe for myself?
Of course – having a surprise book arrive every month is a lovely treat!

Can I specify the month that the subscription should start?
Yes. When you fill in the order details there’s a pull down menu where you can select the month you’d like the subscription to start in.

Can the recipient return a book if they’ve already got it?
Yes – do email us first though please. Returns are at the reader’s expense but we’ll happily send a replacement. We’ll also ask for some more information about their tastes so that we can refine our choices even more.

Can I change the type of books you send me?
Yes. If you want to stick with the same package, you can give us some more information about your tastes and we’ll tweak our selections accordingly, so if you have the crime option but prefer Miss Marple to Jo Nesbo we’ll be able to make sure that you receive some fantastic cosy crimes to curl up with instead of creepy Nordic thrillers.

Can I change the subscription package that I already have?
Of course, although if there’s a price difference we may have to make an additional, pro-rata, charge. Email us and we’ll look at the specific details.

How do I pay for a subscription?.
Most people choose to order and pay online. Our card processing is done via Paypal and we don’t see your card details ourselves nor are they retained anywhere.

Do I need to have a Paypal account to pay you?
No. You can pay via a Paypal account if you have one but you can select the option to pay via credit or debit card. You don’t need to set up a Paypal account.

Can I make payment in another way? I don’t like paying online.
Not everyone does, so you can also pay by cheque or bank transfer. Email us with your requirements and we’ll do the sums for you and send you payment information.

Is VAT included?
Yes. All our packages include VAT where this applies.

Do your prices include postage?

Can you send books abroad?
Absolutely, but postage costs can get very expensive. If your recipient is outside the UK please contact us directly for delivery information and revised charges or if you have any other questions about overseas delivery. Books are usually sent via air mail but you’ll need to allow an extra week or so for delivery.

How do you send the books out?
We use Royal Mail second class post which means that books should arrive 2-3 days after posting.

What if I’m not in when the postman comes?
Hopefully our parcels will fit through your letterbox but if not the postman will leave a card. However, if you think that this might be a regular problem do let us know and we can arrange for books to be sent to a different address if that’s easier.

What should I do if I move house?
Let us know as soon as possible and we’ll be able to make sure that your books go to your new address.

What if a book doesn’t arrive?
If your book hasn’t arrived by the 20th of the month, let us know and we’ll send a replacement immediately.

I’ve still got a question. Can I contact you to ask it?
Of course. Use the links and information below to get in touch.